…one of the leading independent-not tied to any external contractor or supplier-dealers for the Scandinavian and Benelux Countries in the sphere of Young Used Cars. We offer selective buyingby order for medium-sized car traders and optimized service-solutions. We take over the appropriate search, price negotiations and all necessary logistical duties and responsibilities –doing this enables our customers to concentrate on their core competencies and not wasting time doing operose search themselves.


always on the run to serve our customers
…the professional with 18years practical experience and more than 2000 sold cars per year –experience and qualitycan’t be replaced.


Eivind Farstad

Born November 30th, 1979
Married, 3 kids
Founder & General Manager
Auto-Expo GmbH
Division Manager Purchase
Lives in Norway and Germany
Diversified network within the European automotive industry

Johan Farstad

Born April 11th, 1972
Married, 3 kids
General Manager & responsible sales manager
Founding partner of Auto-Expo GmbH

Espen Bolme

Born October 31st, 1985
Married, 2 kids
Auto-Allrounder learned the automotive industry from scratch
Since 2016 sales Norway

Christian Nowak

Born July 8th, 1971
Married, 1 kid
Years of experience in the automotive industrie with focus on BMW and Mini
Since 2018 sales Germany / BeNeLux

Patrick Kugler

Born June 20th, 1992
Single, no children
Since 2015 sales BeNeLux / purchase Norway

Heike Schäfer

Born April 09th, 1970
Single, no children
Since May 2012 responsible for logistic & organisation
Pulls the strings

We know the market

International automobile markets arecharacterized by its dimensionsand diversity. Thus, a professional team, searching adequate cars is surely of help. And exactly this is our strength: objectiveness and market transparency.
In detail we offer:

  • Acquisitionof cars not tied to any brand, contractor or supplier
  • Transport to destination
  • Customs clearance
  • Showing at the respective customs authorities and registration offices
  • Transfer of car documentations if necessary